Monday, July 28, 2008

Watch Who Lands on Your Webpages in Real Time

I was looking for some tracking software to see what was up with my websites. I came across some programs that let you watch who lands on your web pages in real time and instantly chat with them.

Chat4Support is a software that tracks who lands on your website in real time plus it lets you open a chat box with whoever that is. How cool is that? There is an invisible setting that removes the chat invite box. I randomly tried to connect and chat with a few people that came here, but it was pretty obvious that it was too unusual. I think most people freak out when their space is invaded so blatantly. I want to sent the simple message "This is the dreamslaughter artificial intelligence bot, ready to answer all your questions." and hope somebody bites.

Do not be afraid. The ability to chat with people around the world that end up on your website is fraught with possibilities and if the online community ever get used to this, it opens up a whole new can of worms or box of candy, depending on your point of view.

Don’t use the chat aspect and you have a really fun, real time tracking tool. It generates js that you put on your webpages. You can use the standard version free for six months and then they say you can use the free edition. Chat4Support is much more business support orientated and has a much more complex system than it's little sister U5Me.

Woopra does the same and it is totally free. It's a bit more gaudy and webish while Chat4Support is more business orientated. It will be tough for Chat4Support's free version to keep up with Woopra.

There are a lot of tracking and support chat going on in business, but these make it pretty easy for the little guy to have some fun.

Totally worth a look.


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