Sunday, August 24, 2008

Top Fifteen Things That - WTF - OMFG - Run for Your Lives!!!

How bad do things have to get before it is time to head for the hills, move to another country or build a bomb shelter? I doubt that any one thing in the list should make someone change there life.

But there is a point where if enough of these things started happening, it would be time to head for the hills. Time to go into full survival mode. I'm sure most people would consider changing if all the things on the list started happening.

So the question is how many of these things would have to happen in a month for you head for the hills.

1 ~ Your Papers Please! Random and Frequent.

2 ~ Interruptions in Public Utilities.

3 ~ Your Govt Invades Another Country or Another Invades Yours.

4 ~ Looting, Rioting.

5 ~ You See Trucks Full of Civilians Going Places.

6 ~ Stock Market Falls More Than Fifteen Percent in a Month.

7 ~ Govt Requires Everyone to Turn in Their Guns.

8 ~ Public Announcements for Everyone to Stay Indoors.

9 ~ Food Rationing.

10 ~ RFID and DNA Samples for Everybody.

11 ~ They Start Telling you How to Survive Atomic Explosions in Public Service Announcements again.

12 ~ Religious Figures Start Committing Suicide in Public.

13 ~ Your Bank Closes.

14 ~ The Internet Stops Working.

15 ~ Everyone Starts Feeling Like They are Being Followed, and They Are.

Civil disobedience, that’s not our problem. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. ~ Howard Zinn



Anonymous said...

I hope all of these things happen. It will shake people to the core and force lazy, drunk, fat, and stoned Americans to get off their ass and do something. Until this happens everyone will be content to hide in their house and watch American Idol.

pear said...

Ignorance is bliss only for a time.

Unknown said...

I already live in the hills. Far, far away.

It's quiet here.

Earl Duthler said...

I saw enough with Reagan/Clinton already; voted with my feet in 1989. We're getting there, folks.

Unfortunately, it's coming here to where I live in W. Europe also, just a bit slower.

Welcome to neo-feudalism, aka capitalism progression, under the guise of 'democracy'.

Anonymous said...

#12 would be an improvement!

Anonymous said...

Most of these are ALREADY happening...

#1- We have to use our social security numbers to do just about everything. Or did you mean cops just pulling people over and asking for I.D.? That happens all the time as well. Oh, there's always a pretext for doing so, but does it make a difference?

#2- Happens a lot as well. Unexplained power outages, late mail, unresponsive police.



#5-Not yet. I think this would be a good sign, but by that point, it would be too late.

#6-If you put all the falls together...

#7-This would be another red flag. Too bad I can't afford one.

#8-I don't think they need to do this. We're already glued to our TV's and computers.

#9-Rice rationing at bulk food stores last spring.

#10-My doctor had me sign an affidavit saying thast they did NOT inject me with an RFID. (WTF?)

#11-Already happening. DHS has pamphlets down at the library.

#12-This won't happen unless Israel gets wiped out, thus disproving John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Joel Rosenberg and others.

#13-Well, my bank hasn't closed. Yet. Not that I have any money.

#14-The internet doesn't work anyway! Half the time I get DOS/DNS notices. The internet was created by the military to communicate afetr a nuclear war. It may become heavily regulated, but it will never completely stop working.

#15-Yeah, that's happened, in a manner of speaking. They don't have the manpower to physically follow everyone, but you can bet your credit card, phone, and internet is tapped. In England, all new cars have GPS locators.

Anonymous said...

I got the hell out 10 years ago this month. Went to USA for a funeral last month. First time in 6 years. Scared me on many levels. Can't wait for the whole thing to collapse. Biggest terrorists on the planet and the lemmings are either proud of it or too stupid to realize....couldn't wait to get the hell out and back to civilization!! Ge out while you still can! Good luck!!

deusdiabolus said...

We are so, so long overdue. We can't remain stagnant forever.

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for eveyone that could make it out on time! I do not have that luxury, as I am on Kidney Dialysis and stuck here. If I had at least partial health, I would be on the first plane out of here. These Neocons/Zionists are nuts. Then again what did anyone expect when people like Rockefeller were in love with the hard fisted Communist Regime of China and the USSR.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the three categories:

1. I will never head for the hills...lock & load, and let them pry my gun from my cold dead fingers.

2. I will never head for the hills. Be sure to wave if you see me going by on one of those trucks.

3. I am already in the hills ... suckers!

Anonymous said...

Lock and load, people. The only thing that will save your country now is another revolution and civil war.

Marc said...

I have MS, so there are days when I can walk and there are other days I sit. So, it makes me laugh a bit when retards go around crying, "lock and load" or "run for the hills".

You're like little children who piddle in their knickers when the dog starts barking.

Live for today, be happy today, do something for someone today. Invest in humankind. Make this world a better place. Get involved.

What use are your guns if tomorrow you get hit by a bus? If I have to die I wish to die with honor. My legacy, God willing, should be one of charity and human involvement.

Anonymous said...

americans will get what they deserve

Anonymous said...

I ain't heading for no hills. I am ready to drop dead right where I sit .... right up here at the top of Chimborazo.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Osama is that you?!

MiepRowan said...

I'm finding myself worried about you. You okay?