Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wait a Minute, We’re Kicking Who Out of the Country?

What are we thinking. Don’t kick the illegal immigrants out of the country, kick the un-American wingnut warmongers out of the country!

I just heard someone ranting about how they should track down and kick all the illegal immigrants out of the country. Something bothered me about their tone. Illegal immigrants don’t destroy the constitution, start illegal immoral unjust wars. They don't warmonger. They don't restrict freedoms. They don’t censor, fight scientific advancement, encourage the destruction of the environment.

When I deal with Spanish speaking people, they don’t piss me off. They work hard. They are generous, funny, gracious, honest and polite. Illegal immigrants haven’t exceeded the level of moral responsibility to take action against them.

But there is a group of un-American warmongers that have exceeded the level of moral responsibility that could be kicked out. How about we kick out those that embrace the attitudes America used to deplore about Russia, China and Genghis Khan.

Next time someone starts mouthing off about 'kicking them out of the country', agree that there may be some that deserve being kicked out of the USA.

Men are not punished for their sins, but by them. ~ Elbert G Hubbard


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Losferwords said...

There are reported 12-20 million illegal Latin America immigrants in our country roughly constituting 4-5% of the U.S. population. 27% of the entire prison population in America are illegal aliens.( General Accounting Office 2005)
Think that figure has declined since 2005, or risen? I like your blog though. It shows more people are thinking about something other than American Idol.

Losferwords (Craptastic Politics)