Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh For Christ’s Sake, Quit Blaming Everything on the Jews!

I just heard someone go off about how it's all the Jews' fault. No, the world is not threatened by the Jews. I know a lot of Jews, they are friendly, humorous, progressive and generous. Jews aren't the problem, extreme right wing Jewish whackos are the problem.

Just like extreme right wing Christian whackos, extreme right wing Muslim whackos, extreme right wing satanists whackos, extreme right wing atheist whackos, extreme right wing Russian whackos, extreme right wing Chinese whackos, extreme right wing German whackos, extreme right wing British whackos, extreme right wing USA whackos, extreme right wing black whackos, extreme right wing white whackos, extreme right wing yellow whackos, extreme right wing green whackos and extreme right wing brown whackos are the problem. Every country, race and religion have extreme right wing whackos, they are the problem, not the group they belong to.

It is pretty easy to see the kind of people that are doing harm to planet earth and its inhabitants. Looking at the bad guys, they all do the same sort of thing. Here's a list of some of their notable qualities.

They kill a lot of people.
They restrict freedoms and disdain human rights.
They are bigoted.
They are sexist.
They are controlling.
They lust over others property.
They are extreme nationalists.
They are extreme in their religious views (atheists included).
They mix religion and government.
They support strong autocratic or dictatorial control.
They support strong military and police state supremacy.
They are obsessed with national security.
They create an enemy to use as a unifying cause.
They control the mass media.
They protect corporate power.
They suppress labor and the workforce.
They lie and use propaganda for their ends.
They suppress intellectuals and the arts.
They obsess about crime and punishment.
They manipulate elections.

All shining qualities of extreme right wing whackos.

Think back to all those famous bad guys in history that did the above. They all had different names describing them; communists, socialists, Nazis, barbarians, terrorists, religions, empires, etc.

The names don't matter, their actions describe what they are.

We know that. They all do the same thing. It doesn't matter what you call them. You can call Hitler a fascist, a socialist, a liberal or a saint. That doesn't change what he was; an extreme right wing whacko. Same with Stalin, Pol Pot or Genghis Khan. Bad things are done by some people in all religions, races, nations and people in general.

We know that. Just add up the number of dead people throughout history and who was responsible for their deaths and you can see the proof yourself.

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.
~ Thomas Jefferson

What do the nationalists say about killers punishing murderers and thieves sentencing looters?
~ Kahlil Gibran

Men are not punished for their sins, but by them.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Knowledge, idea, belief stands in the way of wisdom.
~ J. Krishnamurthi

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson



Anonymous said...

I guess most jews know who run the shows. So why doesn't the jewish community step in and tell the "wacko"s to stop being such lowlifes, as they are giving all jews a bad name?
The silence is deafening.

But then you have the rednecks of America killing children in the name of freedom. Satanists couldn't ask for more from the so-called American "Christian" community. Killing for Christ.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bust your babble bubble but Jews are to blame for our-Todays problems.I ask,where are the good Jews to put the bad Jews in place--almost non-existant.It is no help in Jews being humorous when Arabs(true semites) are slaughtered for their lands and resources.Do any Jews care that millions of Europeans were killed or Iraqies murdered or Palestinians on lies? Big No!
I like to remind the author that Nazi Germany was controlled by Jews just as are the 2 parties in America. Sad part is again the Christians are blamed. Russian/German?Polish/Hungry Jews are self centered greedy verman of the earth--please enough Kosher baloney.Who controls Bush/Obama not Christians but Jews.Dig deep and most are closet Jews- one example of many-Hilray

Anonymous said...

"Just at the present time, when the light which was shed by the fires of war has revealed so many matters formerly hidden in shadow, the awakening of world attention is called "anti-Semitism," and the explanation is given that "after every war the Jew becomes the scapegoat" – a curious admission which would lead a less self-centered people to inquire, Why?"
--Henry Ford

Anonymous said...

There is a caravan of madness on the lose, its helmsmen using the all purpose whip of "anti-semitism" not only to coerce bystanders to make way, but also to keep the rest of the caravan in line. Both bystanders and caravan people could coexist happily, were it not for those wielding the whip.

Pondering how this whip, immaterial as it is, could develop its punch leads one down many a rabbit hole...

Anonymous said...

Jews: Talmudic Masters Of Deceit
(Apollonian, 19 Nov 08)

I saw ur blog headline featured on Mike Rivero's What u utterly fail to observe and understand is the essence of Judaism which is Talmud. For best Talmudic expo, see,, and

Thus Jews (Talmudists) worship lies, narcissism, subjectivism, and criminality, and exterminating Jews would by itself immediately decapitate the organized criminality throughout all the world. The un-organized criminals could then be mopped-up at leisure.

"Right wing" murderers u refer to are merely psychopaths, relatively un-organized; Jews amount to a sublimely organized gang of psychopaths.

CONCLUSION: It doesn't seem to occur to u that Jews u imagine u know are just leading u on to think Jews are not the monsters they really are--imagine being a Jew and not knowing what Talmud is really all about--could anyone really be that stupid? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

sorry guys, i don't buy it. every german has been made to pay for the atrocities of the wacko nazis.

if the zionists are using the jewish people as human shields, then shouldn't the jewish people expel them from their midst?

a jew is a jew by birth; a christian is a jew by belief (jew lite). the number of zionist christians is legion.

Anonymous said...

Jews will not speak out against a fellow Jew. Think Jack the Ripper. It's alleged that he was Jewish. There was a Jewish witness, who would not testify against him because Jew will not persecute Jew.

How often do we see a Jew commit a crime here in the U.S., only to take flight to Israel, where he will live safely and without having his day in court.

It may be a blanket statement, like blaming all crimes on black people. But I've yet to hear a Jew that I know speak out against what is happening to the Palestinians. I suspect that I never will.

They seem like nice people, but quietly, and to themselves, they seem to have a sense of security that they are protected...the chosen ones.

Anonymous said...

Google; Hitler: Founder of Israel
This 167 page PDF file goes into the Jewish background of Hitler and his henchmen.

Crypto Jews have murdered over 150 million Gentiles in the last century. (WWI, WWII, Communism)

Anonymous said...

Who/What Are Jews?--Criminal Conspirators, Psychopaths, Well-Led And -Organized, So Successful In Present Stage Of Cyclic History
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 08)

African Warrior (see, "The British...," 18 Nov 08, comments): (a) Observe Jews control COUNTERFEIT scam/operation/mechanism, the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed counterfeiting.

(b) Once one controls the money--COUNTERFEITING at will--one owns and controls EVERYTHING else, literally.

Thus Jews own and control mass-corporate Jews-media (see, "Who Rules America?, bottom, frontpage), politics, judiciary, bureaucracy, education--everything. Note all large corporations are controlled by Jews. Most stock investors are Jews, most stock-brokers are Jews, huge percentages (far larger than share of population) of lawyers, doctors, etc., are Jews.

Jews, by means of funding, even control "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.), also known as "Christian-Zionists" and "Evangelicals." Jews publish the infamous and best-selling "Scofield Bible" which is (naturally) adulterated to favor Jews, "Christians" persuaded they should serve Jews, preaching heresy that "Jesus was a Jew" (hence Talmudist).

Jews contribute at least 35% of campaign funds to Repubs, at least 60% to Dems, and Jews control the electronic voting corporations--like all the larger corporations, again.

So u see, Jews just run a large, general CRIMINAL conspiracy, all fueled, again, by that basic COUNTERFEIT scam/operation. For Jews are foremost criminals as they worship it as religion--see,, and for best Talmudic expo.

What we gentiles need then is that basic JEW-EXPULSION, as of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. But gentiles have to come together for that real Christianity which is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

Thus as CYCLIC history (according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler) and socio-biology (see continue to deteriorate, people (who survive) will evermore see Jews (esp. Israel) behind all the terrorism, Jews always profiting, gentiles always suffering, etc.

And note as gentiles wane, Jew parasites themselves become evermore over-populated, Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) now falling-out significantly, CFR-Bilderberg agents, Walt-Mearsheimer pt.-ing "finger" at "The Israel Lobby."

CONCLUSION: Thus we gentile patriots work best to operate in accord w. such CYCLIC history--we have excellent prospects still with functioning free INTERNET and neat sites like Keep up all ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

African Warrior on November 19, 2008
Jew Bolshevik, Lenin said something about controlling opposition.
BNP smells like another Jew controlled opposition movement, similar to the Republican party!
Anyone know any comparisons between BNP and Republican party?(tricks jews use)

Anonymous said...

The only difference between the right wing jewish wackos and the rest of the right wing mob is that the jewish ones have brainwashed the jewish people with lies, have a country to hide in, an army to slaughter with, nuclear weapons to prevent anyone stopping them and have so critically corrupted the goverment of a Veto wielding member of the UN Security council that they have prevented any enforcement for their crimes by the nations of the world.

Unknown said...

I try to differentiate between Jews and Israelis. I don't have a beef with Jews, I have a few Jewish friends, and I enjoy studying the religion. When we single out a whole people it makes us bigots just like Israelis who see every other person in the region as something less than human. That frankly cuts to the chase of what offends me about Israel. Ain't nothing special about those people, and they definitely are not anything more than human. However there is nothing wrong with hating a country. We do it all the time usually for good reasons. The whole world put pressure on South Africa a few years ago, and I loved hating that country till they cleaned up their Apartheid act. Israel has amassed an enormous amount of crimes against humanity in the last 50 or so years of its existence, and no other country in the world is more guilty of violating UN mandates. It becomes frustrating to watch a country being treated with kid gloves like they are totally blameless, and at the same time reading of racist atrocities committed by IDF soldiers in Gaza and the West Bank every day. We in America were all in over our heads in domestic espionage from Israel at a time that we suddenly find ourselves having to handle our own kind of Palestinian state full of Iraqistinians who hate our guts for good reason. That's just watching my own country becoming too much like Israel for my stomach, and it's obvious how Israelis pollute themselves with this elitist superior race state of mind. Funny how thinking you are better than everyone else makes you worse. The state of Israel offends my morality right down to my core and it offends me to see my tax dollars funding Israeli atrocities that I then get to read about on the Internet. I can not support what Israel does and still conscientiously consider myself a decent person. I also get to observe the bias of television, and compare what it doesn't tell me to what the Internet does. I wonder what Israel has to do with that? Hate the illegal state. Jews are just people though. None of this hatred is directed at Jews. I wouldn't want to be a bigot if that's my problem with the citizens of that country.

profnasty said...

You can't argue with success.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I am not Jewish. But as a sociologist who knows that in times of rapid change, prejudices can increase with tragic consequences, I am very disturbed by how many alternative sites are blaming Jewish people for everything. It makes me really uncomfortable to even go on those sites, even though no one with a brain can trust MSM anymore. Jews are no more responsible for the far right of Israel any more than every U.S. citizen is to blame for Bush!

Anonymous said...

FYI Doval White
Jews have been causing alot of trouble and not 50 years as you said but centuries. Over 200 countries have booted them out.
Read below and get back to us
Here is news to prepare for;The jews are aiming to attack Russia-after to failed attempts by now using USA/NATO/EU

Anonymous said...

It is a pleasant fiction these days, to try to distinguish 'the jews' from a few whackos. The fact of the matter is that if it were only a 'few' right wing jewish whackos causing all the trouble, there would substantial protests from all those 'good' jews out there, and yet there aren't. And for the record, the communists who butchered hundreds of millions weren't 'right wing,' as you put it. You need to brush up on your history a bit lest you make an idiot of yourself.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the question of why so many jews are giving silent consent to the aggressive actions of their leaders, just consider the mechanism behind the "War on Terror", featuring:

US citizens, the US Government & "Terrorists"/"Anti Americans".

Now let's change the context slightly into:

Israelis, Israeli Government, "Terrorists"/"Anti Semites".

It's completely analogous: Fear is being instilled into the population, granting its leadership the necessary consent to pursue excessive "defensive measures" against the (fabricated?) threat of choice, in turn infuriating those getting the stick, thereby increasing threat perception and thus closing the vicious cycle.

The only winners in this cynical game are those seeking more executive power, everyone else gets to pay, either by loss of freedom or even loss of life. The solution? Don't get fooled into irrational fear!

Anonymous said...

No all Jews are not to blame and as one poster wrote,'You can't argue with success.' True enough and by that same token one must examine what it is about the Jews themselves that has caused virtually every society since the dawn of Man to expel,(or worse) the Jew from their midst. We must ask the why it is that the Jew mindset feels that they must insinuate themselves into society's that are alien to them and their ways and then seek to change those societies to their will and often to their detriment. After so many millenia of maltreatment by the rest of humanity why don't they isolate themselves away from the 'unchosen ones'? After all, every society has banished them at least once. Isn't that proof enough that the rest of humanity is 'anti-semitic' by the Jew standard? But there is something in the Jew psyche that prevents them from leaving the rest of us alone. Their need to meddle in the affairs of others is written into their DNA and as some have opined here and throughout history there really is only one solution.