Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slow Burn -

So the discussion came up about using thermite to cause the demolition of buildings. Was it really feasible?

A quick search of a combination of some of the terms and up popped a site; It might be a military site, so you might not want to click it.

The following is cut and paste from United States Military Field Manual FM 5-250;

Explosives and Demolitions,

June 1992:

Page 86

3-6. Steel-Cutting Charges.
(d) Nickel-molybdenum steel. This type of steel cannot be cut easily by conventional steel-cutting charges. The jet from a shaped charge will penetrate it, but cutting requires multiple charges or linear-shaped charges. Nickel-molybdenum steel shafts can be cut with a diamond charge. However, the saddle charge will not cut nickel-molybdenum shafts. Therefore, use some method other than explosives to cut nickel-molybdenum steel, such as thermite or acetylene or electrical cutting tools.

FM 5-250 @ (careful)

It appears that thermite has been standard operating procedure to bring down hardened vertical structures for the military since 1992.

That pretty much ended that discussion.

Any evidence of thermite type material at the WTC?

See photos above.

The guys at Hight3ch burned through a car engine and say that thermite burns through just about anything at 2500 degrees.

How hot is that?

Everyone says that there are substances that burn much hotter than thermite, such as thermate, super-thermite or nano-thermite.

A quick google and up pops this patent:

Patent Number: 4,799,829

Filed: January 24, 1989

Method and apparatus for removing submerged platforms.


“The cutting of the piling is performed by a series of tubes radially deployed in the cutter on a common plane. Each tube is filled with what is, in essence, a solid fuel similar to thermite or magnesium. Thus, the cut is performed through the use of a series of solid fuel torches. The preferred solid fuel is Pyronol.RTM. Pyronol.RTM. is manufactured by Goex, Inc. and the material itself is the subject of U.S. Pat. No. 3,695,951. Pyronol.RTM., once ignited, will attain temperatures between six and twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are sufficient to burn through steel and concrete.”

Okay thermite at 2500 degrees can burn through a car engine.

What can you do with 12,000 degrees?

United States Patent 3,695,951 - Pyronol.

Patented Oct 3, 1972

Assignors to the United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy.

Well, that pretty much ended that discussion.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Pics From Planet Earth

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